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A good hair day can make anyone feel a bit more confident. 


Making a Positive Impact

Oh hey, I’m Marlyse. I like to think that each of us has the power to positively impact everyone we come across and that’s how I’ve lived my life and it’s also how I’ve built my business.


To say I wear many hats is an understatement. I’m a realtor in beautiful Beverly Hills; I am a mother to the sweetest little girl on earth; I train in Pilates, am an active member of the Jewish Federation; I have a passion for giving back and part of my heart lies in volunteering with the David Lynch Foundation...and I’m a Cadillac earner with my network marketing company. 


I was working on closing a multimillion dollar home when my best friend called me, beyond excited, to tell me about an incredible new opportunity she had found. It was anti-aging, naturally based, vegan hair and skin care and, what most excited us: these natural products actually WORKED. I decided to purchase as a customer, just to support my friend. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this business opportunity was too good to pass up. A brand new company with necessary and consumable products that were forward thinking and non-toxic? A culture of support and giving back? A team of people there to help me every step along the way? How could I say “no” to that?!


I signed on and everything that has happened since has been surreal. I’m working with people all over the country, many of whom I’ve never actually met. I’m earning flexible income, even on the days my full attention is with my husband and daughter. I’m able to help others to achieve their goals and to become the best version of themselves. 


My goal, as I continue to build this business, is to help as many people as possible to find financial freedom and live fully.

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Monat is a naturally based hair and skin care company that stands out because though it is a plant-based, clean, vegan/cruelty-free brand - the products also perform. Monat is a new company, and as we all know, timing is important. It was created by the Urdaneta Family in October of 2014. It is 100% family owned and is a debt free company. Why does this matter? Because when you’re debt free, you get to prioritize the profit and this company chooses to prioritize paying its distributors. Monat pays out between 50-60% in commissions to its distributors, whereas most companies are averaging around 20-30%.  

Monat also prioritizes giving back. Not only does our company provide the highest commissions in the field but they also care about our communities as a whole. An attitude of gratitude aka MONATITUDE! Not only do they raise funds for different charities throughout the year, but they have created emergency kits that are passed out to homeless shelters across the nation. We have an entire division dedicated to being a light, and it’s called the Monat Gratitude Program. 


It is our mission to help people everywhere enjoy beautiful, healthy, fulfilling lives through our exceptional, naturally based products, a fun and rewarding business opportunity, and a culture of family, service, and gratitude.

To ensure that we’re changing lives in truly positive, meaningful ways, we have core values that are part of every decision we make. Most importantly, we believe that family is always first. And we know that our Market Partners, and their Customers, should be treated like family.

Why Monat?

Because you want to hang out with me more! Duh! But also, it’s a smart business decision. Most people make the decision to start a home-based business because they like the products. And though these products are exceptional, that’s not enough of a reason to start a business. Here are my reasons for choosing Monat and why I think you should take a look as well:

  • Timing: the timing for our company couldn’t be better. We are a new company, but we are also in the heat of momentum currently as we win award after award (this just in: “Brand of the Year”) and have truly unmatched revenue and growth. We were the fastest hair care company in history to hit the 1 billion dollar mark and we are also the fastest home-based business to do so. 

  • Our products are necessary. In times of recession and economic hardships, people will continue to wash their hair and face. Things like clothing, jewelry, make-up may be put on hold…but everyone will always wash their hair. 

  • Our products are consumable. They wash down the drain. And since our customers are happy with the products, they come back for more when their bottles run out, which creates residual income for the distributor. Getting paid for the sale you made 3 years ago ain’t too shabby. 

  • Competition: we are the first and only anti-aging hair care company and we are the only network marketing company with a full and extensive hair care line. In a world with so many companies to choose from, having no competition is truly a blessing. 



Forbes says, the best time to join a company is during global expansion and product launch.
Our name is Monat “GLOBAL” and we are only currently in a handful of countries.
We have announced upcoming launches around the globe. We also just ventured into skin care. It’s an exciting time. 


Monat “Brand of the Year” for 2020

Think Global 


We have a scientific board of M.D.s and incredibly talented scientists that ensure each and every product performs to our standards. It isn’t good enough to be non-toxic and clean, it also has to work. We have clinical studies performed on our products to ensure that we have the best of both worlds. Every. Time. This company takes the time to develop each product to ensure everything is safe, effective, and absolutely divine. 

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As a network marketer, my job is to share the products and business with people I meet, both in person and on social media. I believe in a smart, innovation marketing approach - not in salesy, spammy tactics. I walk hand in hand with my new distributors to help them succeed. The leadership aspect of the business is one of my favorite parts and I am blessed to lead a team of driven, positive people. 

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We offer one of the most competitive compensation plans in the industry – up to 40% on personal sales commissions, as well as amazing promotions and benefits. We get paid 5 times a month and there are no ongoing purchase requirements or auto ships for distributors. We know how great our products are: you’ll purchase them when you run out - no need to require you to do so in order to compensate your efforts. 



Getting started is simple. You head over to my website (everyone who signs on gets a free website when joining!) and click “Join Now” and then “Enroll as a MP” (market partner.) You will then choose your product pack. The larger the product pack, the higher the discount. Almost everyone regrets purchasing a smaller product pack, as they go back to order more almost instantly. Our packs come with tons of goodies, all at a massive discount. This is the one and only purchase requirement you’ll make as a market partner. Once you purchase a pack, I’ll welcome you into the Facebook Team Training Pages and we will set up a call to help get you going in the best way possible. 

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Hear What Others Have to Say


Before I started using MONAT I was all over the place with products. Buying whatever sounded good and wondering why I wasn't getting the results I wanted. Using MONAT has transformed my hair! It's fuller, longer, and visibly healthier. I typically where my hair in it's naturally curly state but I straighten it occasionally, and I notice the difference in both styles! The products last me so long and the flexship is a lifesaver!

Kendra M.


After ‘going blonde’ in college my hair was a mess and would not grow past my shoulders, for years — once i started using MONAT, I noticed such a difference! I even had someone ask me if i used a shimmery hairspray once because it was THAT shiny and healthy

Hannah W.


Since using MONAT, my hair has become softer, more manageable and even grew in more around my temples. I've been using these products consistently for 3 years and even my husband noticed a difference!

Sherry L.

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